About Teal School

Teal School is a non-profit organisation with a mission to create a future-secured education system where kids and youths develop all aspects of being human and being themselves, in the context of a complex, global world. We wish to see an extensive dialogue about transforming the school system. A new paradigm is emerging and schools can be an important part of making the transition faster and easier.

But our goal is not only being a voice in this paradigm shift, but being actively involved paradigm shifters. To do this we are hoping to find partners, investors or other funding to start our own schools, preschools and learning hubs. 

Teal School is an initiative started in 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden by Sarah Rosendahl and Shabana Bashir. Join our network and let’s change the way our society looks at learning and education.

We are rebuilding the website, come back soon for more info, or contact us!