Teal Schools are schools for the future

Learning is human Internal motivation is key Life-long learning is human Stop forcing education Learning is human

Putting emphasis on individual needs and wants in education leads to extensive impact on the society. The world demands of us to change the school system to be fit for all individuals, and all of what makes us human. This is not a political statement, this is facts-based and urgent. Our kids and youths are struggeling, at the same time as they are the key to a sustainable society. We need to break out of our collective trauma and predetermined ideas, and start nurturing our souls, fostering good relationship skills and a life-long love for learning and co-creating.


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We are bringing the emerging Teal paradigm into schools. Teal schools are human-centered, purpose-driven and highly suited for our complex, fast-evolving world. They develop childrens self-love, empathy and true potential. Teachers’ wellbeing is a natural part of the system. A Teal school system will have impact on all levels of society, from individual happiness to social impact on a global level.


We are looking for our soul tribe! If you think it is time for a radical change in how we as a society think about schools, learning and education, towards a human-centric perspective, we wish to connect with you. There are many ways to join and support us.

Understand the urgency

Paradigm shift Mental health Sustainable society Co-creation, cooperation

There is an urgency. Society is psychology. The systems we have created are based on the understanding, thoughts, values, and ultimately, feelings, of generations before us. We need to break free of tradition, and see the world for what it is, and needs to be, now and in the future.

We need your help